Profiles is a series of short video interviews with creatives working in the field of design and the arts.


Profiles is an independent, international online platform documenting inspiring people and projects from diverse creative and cultural backgrounds. We want to discover the reasons people do what they do, how they approach work and what inspires them to keep moving forward. Our focus has always been on in-depth video interviews with creatives working in design and the arts, introducing our audience to design stories from Ireland and abroad.

Taking a cross-disciplinary approach to creativity and design, we invite individuals and groups to take part on the basis of their social or cultural impact and the uniqueness of their work.

These interviews are concerned with the past experiences and current situation of each individual or project, as well as where they plan to bring their work in the future. The videos examine artistic approaches from a process-oriented perspective, with a particular interest in their sources of inspiration. Our aim is to create a website which will also be a useful interdisciplinary resource for students, recent graduates and people establishing new projects.


George Beattie (Founder)

George is a graphic designer working in and around Dublin. After graduating from the visual communications course in IADT in 2013 George worked at Studio Indigo & Cloth. He is now currently working as a freelance graphic designer based in Templebar, Dublin 2

Mail:  Phone: +353 87 4194395 (Mobile)

Allan Fitzpatrick (Founder)

Allan comes from a background of running creative spaces/studios, such as Supafast and Hendrons Collider. He studied Philosophy in UCD and is now a freelance Web Developer. He splits his time between Dublin and Berlin.


Mail:  Phone: +353 86 8949776 (Mobile)

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